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$33.00 Lavaliere Kite Double Chain Charm Necklace
$20.00 Lavaliere with Sorority Colors
$16.50 Inspirational Words Baby Bull Flower Charm Keychain
$16.50 Baby Bull Sorority Colors Necklace
$16.50 Nautilus Shell Teddy Bear Sorority Colors Charm Keychain
$16.50 Rose Necklace Sorority Colors
$32.00 Greek Letter Bracelet Sorority Colors Swarovski Crystal Sterling Letters
$16.50 Naurilus Shell Necklace Sorority Colors
$33.00 Lavaliere Leaf Double Chain Necklace
$16.50 Leaf Charm Keychain Sorority Colors
$16.50 Leaf Necklace Sorority Colors
$32.00 Greek Letter Bracelet Swarovski Crystal Sorority Colors
$16.50 Charm Keychain Kite Heart
Necklaces14k Gold Filled Gemstone Layering Necklace