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$10.95 Knee High Socks
$0.65 $0.70 7% off Emery Board
$5.85 $5.90 1% off Crew Socks
$0.45 $0.50 10% off Button Mirror
$11.95 Red, White, and Blue Sorority Stars and Stripes Greek Letters Socks, White Crew Socks
$13.00 Tube Socks
$6.00 Hair Tie Set
$18.99 Chevron Phone Case
$19.99 5-Piece Lip Shimmer Set with 3 different shades
$29.95 Sorority Cashmere Feel Scarves
$4.99 Game Day Nail Decals
$19.95 hand lotion (w/ aloe vera, shea butter, cocoa butter) 5-pack
$19.95 Hand Sanitizer 5-Pack
$18.00 Cell Phone Case


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