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$30.00 Disc Charm Necklace
$39.95 Sterling Silver Ring set with Lab-Created Diamonds
$49.00 Frost Ring
$35.00 Horizontal Festoon
$33.95 Sterling Silver Lavaliere set with Lab-Created Diamonds
$5.00 Unicorn Wish Bracelet
$29.50 Esse Quam Videre Gold Bracelet
$28.00 Sorority Cuff
$32.50 Silver Monogram Necklace and Chain
$12.00 3 Charm Stackable Bangle Bracelet ~ Purple Crystal ~ Golden Crystal ~ Unicorn Charm ~ Add Own Custom Charm!
$34.95 Sterling Silver Skinny Band Ring
$44.95 White Pearl & Clear Bracelet
$36.00 Heart Wire Ring
$39.00 Cuff Bracelet


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