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Tote bagsSet Sail Tote
$14.00 Gold Foil Tote
$11.90 Cosmetic Bag
$2.45 $2.50 2% off Chevron Wristlet
$34.00 Sorority State Book Tote Bag
Tote bagsDesigner-Like Tote Bag
$39.95 Sorority Canvas Crossover Sling Bag
$14.00 Letters Tote
$14.00 Feathers Tote
$14.00 Crest Tote
$15.50 Natural and Navy Anchor Tote
$20.00 Lettered Tote Bag
$145.00 Smathers & Branson Tote Bag
$12.00 Fanny Packs


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