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Delta Tau Delta

Skins for Beats Solo HD Headphones - Set of 3 Metal Patterns

This 3 skin set will look great on your Beats Solo headphones. This set of 3 Delta Tau Delta skins comes with 3 different metal skins. Our self adhering skins are made from durable glossy vinyl. The skin will look amazing on your headphone set, we print the skins on our state of the art digital printer that gives your skin a bright razor sharp clarity design. Unlike other bulky covers this vinyl skin is slim but strong. This skin will protect your headphones with durable anti-scratch, anti-UV coating. With the patented adhesive technology by 3M, our skins adhere effortlessly and remove clearly when you want to take them off or switch them out.

Contact the vendor to ask questions, request customizations or inquire about bulk orders.

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